What We Do

Tennessee Data Commons provides Compass, a digital mentorship platform to support individual goals in ways that strengthen the community at large. We’re using social psychology, behavioral economics, and user-centered design principles to help people set goals and discover behaviors that help them succeed.

We Serve Individuals

Everyone has goals. But when life gets complicated, it’s hard to prioritize those goals to stay on course. The Compass tool helps individuals clarify their ambitions and connect to resources that keep them moving forward. It’s a friendly, encouraging voice that can help keep a user on track to achieve their goals

Compass users choose from a curated library of interactive behavior cues that they can use at their own pace and on their own terms. They can also be enrolled by their various agency helpers in programs of cues those helpers have custom-built just for the user.

Compass behavior cues are easy to understand and easy to use. When our users find something that works, we send helpful reminders to their smartphone so they can track their progress.

We Serve Providers and Policy Makers

Governments, researchers, philanthropists, and human service providers have built a wealth of resources to address behavior-based social and economic problems. These resources tend to be highly specialized and expert-centered. Sometimes it’s hard for policymakers to connect these specialized resources to complicated individual lives.

Data Commons gives users and their helpers a simple channel to connect to a wide variety of expert-designed resources. Our user-centered approach ensures we connect individuals to the resources they are already committed to using.

Our behavior designers work with providers and policymakers to identify high-impact behaviors that serve the public good. Together, Data Commons and our partner providers translate traditional, human-to-human mentorship techniques to simple, specific behavior cues that can be delivered through smartphones.

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Who We Are

Data Commons startup is funded by the State of Tennessee (through the Memphis Research Consortium) and by generous local philanthropists.


Data Commons works with a wide variety of Tennessee human service providers to design behavior change content. If you’re interested in learning more about our partners or getting involved, please send us a message or take our provider survey.